Monday, 10 June 2013

Hill Reps (Shooters x 12)

After a very flat L2A2B, thought it was about time I started to up the climbing. Was very short of time tonight so thought what better way to kill two birds with one stone by doing some hill reps. The one advantage I've got is that Shooters Hill is literally on my doorstep. So after a very short and quick warm up down Welling Way and back (because I forgot to put on my HR monitor), I done 12 reps of Shooters Hill without stopping. 6 London-bound and 6 returning Welling-bound. Was an excellent work out. Its all about keeping some energy in the tanks and not going out too fast. If I was only going over the hill once, I would have given it some more beans but no need for this exercise.

2,250ft in 16 miles. Not quite replicating a mountain climb because you've got the 2 min descent either side of the hill before you come back up again but it'll do nicely for a Monday evening.

Interesting to compare my average HR of this session against a similar session last year...

HR significantly lower this year compared to last, especially given the data from last year would have been lower due to the cool down included at the end of the ride out to Blackfen and back. Clearly the hard work over the last 6-9 months is paying off handsomely now.