Monday, 8 July 2013

Foam roller revelation

As you'll know from my posts over the last week, my knee injury has been concerning me.  I've identified the cause (the misalligned cleats on my cycling shoes) and the diagnosis was "runners knee", tendonitis of the patella tendon in the knee, the central anterior tendon/ligament.

Having done some research during my lunch hour today, it appears the main treatment for this is strength work and massage for the quadricep.  So, I had the brain wave of using my foam roller on my quad to see if it would help. Having googled specifically for foam roller exercises for inner thighs (I'm trying to target the tear drop part of my quad, nearest the knee), I found a great little article on mens health for foam roller exercises, which I've linked on the other fitness links to the right (over here >>>>>)

A quick ten minute session on the thighs before and after tonight's run seem to have done the knee the absolute world of good.  Dont get me wrong, it hasnt cured the problem completely, there still is a little discomfort in the knee but it is nowhere near as bad as it was previously.

Anywhere, here's tonights run, a short 1 lap loop of the Plumstead Runners Cross Country course...

I have to admit the knee felt really uncomfortable through the first mile but after that it settled down.

Came back home after the 5 miles and done an equivelent Gym weights and Swiss Ball routine before stretching out on the foam roller.

An hour later, absolutely minimum discomfort in the knee. Here's hoping the rolling of the quad is the cure.