Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hot and Sweaty Plums

24 hours after seeing the physio, I was back out on the road with the Plumstead Runners.  A gentle run down to the club then a slow 10k and a bit out to Oxleas Woods and back.  It was seriously warm last night and was a real test.

After only 2 miles of the 8, my legs felt totally drained...


Only 8 reasonably slow miles but blimey, it felt much much longer than 8 miles. It was a huge struggle for me and I havent felt as destroyed as I did last night after a run for quite some time.
Not sure whether I'm coming down with something or whether it was just the heat and I only ran with water rather than an energy drink. The good news is that the knee held up reasonably well. It was a little sore on the inclines but that was to be expected with the quads loaded with pressure. This morning, the knee still feels reasonably good.