Thursday, 4 July 2013

Knee update and Gym session

The knee feels better.  So much so I spent this morning in the Gym.

Rather than doing my usual 5km treadmill pyramid warm up, I done 2 x 2.5km pyramids.  The first starting at 10km/h, incrementing my 0.5km/h every 0.5km, making sure I stretched both legs out properly in between the first two...

So even after all that, the knee felt reasonably good.  As I type this at nearly midnight, the knee feels a little tender but there's an explanation for that.

A conversation with my cycling buddy RW suggested I ought to check the cleats on my cycling shoes.  I knew they were due for replacing so I had ordered a new set and they arrived today.  As I looked at my shoes, it was clear there was a problem with my left cleat.  The top bolt had been lost and the cleat had rotated out of its normal position.  No wonder I felt discomfort on Monday!

After taking a chunk out of my finger with the alun key, I eventually managed to change the cleats and a quick test spin of a mile was all it needed to confirm that was what caused the original injury.  The knee still felt very uncomfortable but I'm putting this down to the discomfort of the original injury rather than new damage being caused.   Looking at my position on the bike, my feet are touching more of the floor than they ever have before, which tends to suggest that either my saddle has slipped downwards or that my legs are getting longer from the cycling.  I'll need to spend some time in the upcoming days before my next ride to ensure I get the correct position then hopefully once this knee niggle settles down, I'll be riding again in complete comfort.

New cleats...with the inflicted war wound...