Monday, 8 July 2013

Knee update...

Well the knee seems to have reacted as expected over night.

Its a little sore but not too bad.  The major test though was when the usual 07:39 Welling to Cannon St crawled into Welling station at 07:43 which meant the normal 6 min wait between trains at New Cross was scuttled down to about a minute (taking into account the usual faffle cause by the signals and other trains at Lewisham) which meant ensuing chaos on the two stairwells between the two platforms which ultimately saw me sprint both at full pace to ensure I got my connection.  The knee reacted ok but I have to admit its a little sore.  I can certainly feel it.

Not sure what course of action to take this evening.  Usually I would be training but I may have to take the low impact route.  Swimming?  Maybe hit the treadmill in the Gym and see how it reacts.  Still not confident enough to get back on the bike as that seriously aggravated the knee last time around.