Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Oh JB JB...he's only got one knee...

...apologies for stealing Ledley King's song...

Sadly, it appears I have a knee injury

Whilst out cycling on Monday evening, I felt some discomfort in my left knee, something I've not experienced before. It had felt a little sore in recent weeks after running off road a few times but nothing as bad as this.

Voltarol gel (similar to Ibuprofen gel but contains anti-inflamatories) and Nurofen havent really touched the sides over the last 48 hours which is a concern. I was in a huge amount of discomfort yesterday during the day and had to resort to an ice pack just after lunchtime in the office. It does feel slightly better today although only good enough to walk on. Certainly wouldnt think about running on it.

I sensibly have not gone on the Wednesday night Plums run as a precaution, hopefully an extra 24 hours will see it right.

The main question is what has caused it? Having looked at the cleats on my cycling shoes, the left does seems to be more worn than the right so I've ordered a new set which I will fit tomorrow when they arrive.

Having read some articles on cycling knee injuries, it appears anterior (central) pain rather than lateral and medial (at the sides) could be down to having my saddle too low. Both Richard and Matt have mentioned this in the past so I will get the bike up on the turbo and have a look at my position once I've replaced my cleats.

Fingers crossed the knee heals quickly.