Monday, 22 July 2013

Ooooh, another signing?

Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur Nacer Chadli (subject to medical and personal terms!)

Who? I hear you ask.  Good question, I know absolutely nothing about him.

Nacer last some competition and back-up for Lennon

The Guys that do know about him are impressed.  Signed from FC Twente for a rather modest sum of €7m, we've got a two footed winger on our hands, finally some competition and back-up for Aaron Lennon.

Not much to go on but as always, the first thing to do do is get on to You Tube and check out the obligatory highlight videos.

This will do nicely.  Definitely got two feet, can take a free kick and knows where the goal is.  Looks good.

Oh and he played for FC Twente against Spurs in the Champions League a few years ago and scored...

So he definitely knows where the goal is...splendid.
Good work Levy and Baldini, surely its just a centre-forward (or two?) now?