Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Self-massage for Patella Tendonitis

24 hours later, I'm glad to say the knee has settled down again but its still not sure and its definitely not 100%. This will now be my 7th consecutive day of taking Ibuprofen. I have ordered some more Kinesio tape so I'm able to strap up the Patella tendon like Ally showed me last week.

With some research, I discovered a self-massage video which shows you how to massage the Patella tendon.

I was unsure whether this would work but I gave it a go and I can honestly say it did provide a little relief.

I'm going to attempt to run with the Plums tonight then maybe hit the Gym for some low impact work afterwards. I am feeling very frustrated (no, not like that!) that I'm currently unable to even think about cycling. I'm going to give it another few days then I have to make a decision whether to attempt the RideLondon100 or not.