Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Supposed target Benteke submits transfer request

Is Benteke coming to give AVB a big hug?
Following the annoucement of Villa's move to Atletico Madrid yesterday afternoon, the Spurs boards were whipped up into a frenzy.

Who are Levy's transfer targets?

Well, around 11pm last night on the SSN breaking news ticker...Aston Villa's Benteke has handed in a transfer request.  Villa's statement confirmed the request but stressed they'd consider offers which matched their valuation of their 22 year old striker.

I'd read reports earlier this week that Villa has put a £25-30m valuation on his head to scare of potential suitors.

Do I think he's worth that money?  Not a chance.  More importantly, does Levy think he's worth that money?  I doubt it very much.  To spend a hefty fee on a youngster with only one year of playing in the Premier League would be madness.

Does anyone remember Michael Ricketts?

Having looked at the Spurs boards this morning, there are rumours that a young forward has recently visited the Spurs training ground.  Makes you wonder whether Levy has been in his ear...