Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Time to listen for a change...

I'm well known for being stubborn.

I've now been suffering from this knee niggle for 8 days.  In them 8 days, I've done one Gym session on the treadmill and I've run a 10k and 5 miler.  Not exactly resting.

My fitness guru Chandra has been on at me for months about taking an entire week off from exercise and I've pretty much ignored him, thinking I know best and that the occasional 1-3 day rest periods would be enough.

No matter how much ice treatment, Voltarol and Ibuprofen I've used, I'm still feeling a significant amount of discomfort so I've taken on board the valuable advice I've been given and am now 24 hours into an entire weeks rest, in the hope it clears this knee niggle up once and for all.

If it doesnt, I will be pulling out of the RideLondon100.

Fingers crossed the rest does the trick.