Saturday, 13 July 2013

Training & Injury Update...

Thought it is about time I should update the blog on the current injury situation.

As its stands, I can still feel discomfort in the knee and it is minimal.  However, its comes and goes.  I'm absolutely convinced it is PFPS as when I start to feel it, if I stretch out the quad muscles on the roller, it soon disappears.  I still feel minor discomofrt behind the knee cap though.

My research on PFPS indicates that I need to work on strengthening the quads to avoid the problem, so I'll be concentrating on this in the Gym in the upcoming weeks.

In terms of training, the last time I run was last Monday so I'm now into my 5th day of completely resting the knee from cardio work, both running and cycling.

I've done some upper body and abs strength work this week and it is beginning to show in my month workload now...

Click to expand...

I think its the first time since January that the strength work has dominated over running and cycling.  Not a bad thing though.  Its a good thing to cross train.

I'm still not even thinking about doing any cardio for another 2 days to give the knee a complete 7 day rest and then I will reassess and see where its at.