Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wed night training...

I always look forward to running with the Plums on a Wednesday evening but I have to say I was a bit nervous as to how the knee would react so I opted for the shorter, slower run. Ended up having a nice 5.5 mile run and chat with the ever-so-lovely Mary.

Thankfully, the knee reacted ok. No reactions, no mumurs as such. So the plan then was to hit the Gym and do some work on my quads, which Ally the Physio told me needed some further strengthening which in turn would reduce the tension in and around the patella tendon.

Gym work out details (click to expand)

My normal warm up is 5k on the treadmill but given I'd just run 5.5 miles, I set myself a modest 2.5lm target, run in 0.5kmh increments every 0.5km, starting at 10.5kmh.

Once I'd warmed up, I hit the weights room. 5 sets of 5 reps x 25kg on the Leg Extension machine. Then 3 sets of 10 reps x 70kg on the Leg Press. My quads were positively burning afterwards and had very little left in them. However, the knee still felt ok.

By means of recovery, I headed upstairs and done my usual upper body and core workout. Instead of doing the usual 7-8 reps, I cut back to only doing 5. Once done, I headed back to the treadmill and ran another 2.5km for cool down. The knee again felt ok.

It was a really good evening. I'd literally come in my front door at 5.45p, had left by 6.10pm then didnt walk back in until gone 10pm and unsurprisingly, I felt absolutely shattered. I had eaten at 12noon but then wasnt eating again until gone 10pm. Its good to know I'd burned a calorie deficit and I'd started to eat into my glycogen stores.

The plan is to head back to the Gym on Thursday evening and do similar but will do a minimum 5km warm up. Then I may well run Friday lunchtime. If not, I wont be doing any exercise again until Sunday evening at the earliest because I have got Izzy with me all this weekend.