Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wednesday Training...and July conclusions...

Double session on Wednesday night.

Out with the Plumstead Runners early doors for an easy paced 7 miler then straight off to the Gym...

A brand new route for me. Along the river shuttle. Most of the run out to Avery Hill Park and beyond was off road then from Falconwood back to the club was on the pavements. Seriously humid, was soaked with sweat by the return.

Then it was off to the Gym...

A really good session in the Gym tonight. The usual upper body routine with some extra chest presses thrown in (not marked on the chart as I've only just remembered but as I only religiously record the duration of the sessions, it really doesnt matter!) I dont some additional work on the quads, increasing the leg presses up to 90kg which was more than sufficient.

If I'm honest, the knee was sore tonight. Not overly but enough to notice it. It felt particularly sore running on the further part of Avery Hill Park but I dug in and got home. I'm fortunate that I've got three rest days coming up as I've got Izzy staying with me.

Right, we're at the end of the July. I'm still feeling reasonably fit but the knee "injury" has really set back my plans of competing in the RideLondon100 and as of 5 minutes ago, I'm now officially withdrawn and I have deferred until 2014. An annoyance but not the end of the world.

In line with my training programme discussed with Chandra, I'm now planning to cut the cardio work I have been doing and I will be concentrating my efforts on muscle building for a good 3-4 months then we'll see where I am.

However, if you check out the workload tab, you'll see my July workload has been much more focused on Gym work. I'm pleased that it appears I'm putting in more hours again as it has felt recently that my efforts have been wavering.