Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weekend update...Izzy...the knee...and the cricket...

I had a cracking 24 hours and a bit with Izzy this weekend.  Chilled out in front of the tv last night and we hit Crook Log at 7.30 on Sunday morning for some swimming.

26 lengths of the 20m teaching pool = 520m in the bank.  For a 7 year old, thats a cracking effort.  It was a bit of an effort for me to keep up with her if the truth be known.

The good news is that the knee reacted well afterwards and during the day, so I cut the 7 day of complete rest by a day and headed out on the road after Top Gear this evening for a relaxed pace 5k.


Nothing miraculous, just down to the Plums club house, turned left and looped back on myself, just about spot on the 3.1 miles back home. I didnt feel the knee throughout the run and I havent felt it in the hour since being back. I ensured I stretched properly, rolled both quads and IT bands on the foam roller and I guess it helped that I walked down to the corner shop to grab a can of Diet Coke to sip while I soaked in the bath.

So far so good but tomorrow morning will be the ultimate test to see how it reacts to not moving and possible stiffening over night.

Oh and not forgetting the weekend was topped off by the brilliant climax to the Test Match. Will post up my thoughts shortly.