Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday rest day...

Monday was rest day for me as I'm planning another Gym session for Tuesday and Thursday, which fits around the Plumstead Runners night on Wednesday.  Talk about organised.

However, when I say rest night, I got to 8pm and I was bored as hell, so I thought it wouldnt be a bad idea just to do a light weights session with the Swiss Ball.  10 sets of my usual 12 sits ups, 8 chest press, 8 chest fly then 12 sits twists with 2 x 9kg dumbbells.

10 sets in 40 minutes built up a sweat in my sauna of a living room.

I am conscious that in this muscle building stage I'm in, I need sufficient rest between weight sessions now to allow the muscles to rebuild otherwise I will be risking weaknesses and injuries.