Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saturday Training

I dropped Izzy back home to her Mum today before lunchtime as her choir was doing a performance of some kind, so I had Saturday afternoon pretty much to myself today so I thought it would be a great idea to get myself back in the Gym and make a start on the minimum cardio/maximum muscle building routine I'm beginning to incorporate into my training.

So off to the Gym I went.

A basic 2.5km warm up with the usual 0.5km increments in speed, hit the weights then a 2.5km cool down.

The session looked like this...

Click to expand...
As you can see, the weights session (highlighted in blue) heavily outweighed the cardio today.  Several hours later, as I type this, I'm feeling the effects.

My regular routine in the Gym is to use the Swiss ball, a pair of dummbells and a bar.  Since the patella tendonitis and the work required on my quads, I've been using the leg extension and leg press machines but today I've started using the upper body machines.

It was a really good session and I came out of the Gym 2 hours later feeling as though I'd really pushed myself.

The workload charts should see a significant change in the workload schedule at the end of August and hopefully will show that I've spent more time in the Gym than I did when I started the year in January.