Saturday, 10 August 2013

Saturday update

I'm now into my second rest day, ahead of my next schedule muscle build session in the Gym tomorrow morning.

Met up with Chandra for a few beers after his late shift in the Gym last night and have had one of them reasonably quiet Saturdays.  Bit of shopping this morning, bit of housework and a huge dose of cricket on the TV.  As I type, the Aussies are 92-4, trailing by 146.

However, just before updating this blog, something dawned on me.  Today is the first day where I've felt absolutely no discomfort in my left knee for just over two months. On the advise of the Physio, I have been working my quads with leg presses and leg extensions in the Gym.  He suggested that the quads were inbalanced and was affecting the Patella tendon in the knee and thus causing the discomfort.

So perhaps, the work on the quads is finally beginning to show now.  I've been doing the work regularly for the last two weeks so would make sense.

The true test will be tomorrow morning when I get on the treadmill again.  Then I will know for sure whether there's discomfort in the knee or not.

Anyway, positive news on the injury front for a change.