Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Training (Muscle Build - Session 1)

Sunday was the first day of weight training.  Minimum cardio and maximum weights.  As of 7pm this evening, I'm broken :)  However, the phrase "no pain, no gain" is important to remember at points like this.

As per usual, I started with a 2.5km warm up on the treadmill, at a slightly greater intensity than normal but then I hit the weights...

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I started off working the quads but then went upstairs to work on my usual swiss ball routine.  Handily, Chandra was in the Gym today and he came up just as I was finishing.  I told him what I'd done on Saturday and suggested upping the weights but reducing the repetitions for greater results.  Obviously he knows what he is talking about so I nodded my head and headed downstairs to the bigger boys room.

Got on the leg press machine and filled in Chandra with the latest on the knee situation.  I ended up doing one legged leg presses of 60kg just as an experiment and the left knee felt ok under stress.

Then Chandra dragged me to the chest press.

C: "What did you say you done yesterday?"
J: "40kg"
C: "Right, we'll start with 45kg then.  You're aiming for 6 sets of 6 reps...doesnt matter if you dont hit that right now, we'll work up to it..." I do 1 set of 6 reps.

C: "How did that feel?  Do you think you could do another one?"
J: "Yeah, think so!"
C: "Ok, not heavy enough then, lets go to 50kg! Try another set and see how you get on" I do 1 set of 6 reps.  I'm literally blowing out of my backside.

J: "OMG that was hard"
C: "Sounds the perfect weight then!  Aim for 3 sets then build up to 6 then we'll go from there!" I done another 2 sets.  I was beasted by the end and had nothing left.

Same process for the pecs machine, up 5kg to 25kg, abs crunch machine up 10kg to 35kg and so on.  Everything I done the day before was upped in weight but the reps cuts.

I spent just over 2 hours in the Gym.  Approx 25 mins on the treadmill with the cool down included and about 90 mins doing the weights.  I felt really good when I came out.  The levels of motivation are back up and more of a sense of achievement too.

Chandra insisted that to begin with, the weights are only to be done 2 times a week with sufficient recovery in between.

Oh...and something to bear in mind, I got my brother to take some pics of me in just my boxers tonight, so I can do a before and after comparison once I start to take shape properly.