Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tuesday Training (easy pace 10k)

I'm now into my final week of disrupted training because of Izzy's school holidays.  Because I need to get in a Gym session tomorrow night, I decided on an easy pace 10k tonight.  First time I'd run a straight 10k on the road for a good couple of months due to my nagging knee injury.

Fairly relaxed pace throughout. I ran on feel rather than constantly checking the Garmin on my rest, looking at the average pace. I knew I was running close to 9 min/mile pace so 56:15 taking off a few seconds for stopping at traffic lights, cross roads etc was more than reasonable for the pace.

After a quick stretch, an hour or so later as I type, the legs dont feel as though they've done anything, which is a good sign given the lack of running I've done recently.