Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Training (10k run)

Friday lunchtime saw a belated birthday pint for a work colleague and on the way back, I couldn't resist temptation and picked up a 200g packet of Wassabi Peas. Lovely, moorish, could eat them all day. Recommended serving size of 50g was 200kCal. I ended up stuffing the lot back at my desk. Disgraceful.

Hey, its not something I do every day and it was nearly the weekend but when Sophie started giving me some stick on FB, I changed my training plan so that I ran tonight and will go Gym again on Sunday. Its still a 3 weight session week, so just done away with the extra session.
It was a nice gentle run as can be seen by the pace and the average HR. It doesnt do any harm to slow things down every now and then. 900kCals burnt off so I could sit on the sofa for the rest of the evening guilt free :)