Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Training (10k)

I had a day out of the office today.

Spent the day at a IT training company in Stratford, where I had a whole 8 hours 1-2-1 tuition in VBA for Excel.  Jesus, I lost the will to live but bloody useful to have under my belt now.  Just need to get some practice in at work.  Went off to Westfield afterwards at Stratford City, done some retail therapy in Superdry then came home.  Got in the door around 7.15pm in the end I guess.  I needed to train tonight as had a rest day yesterday so it was either run literally as soon as I was in the door or eat and then go out at 10pm!

There was only one real option!


With the cool down, 7.2 miles. Considering I'd spent a couple of hours walking around Stratford too, not a bad effort before dinner. Feet up now and off to the Gym tomorrow morning.