Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday Training (Long run - Half Marathon distance...and a bit)

Off the train at 5.35pm.
At Tesco's by 5.40pm.
Walked in my front door after picking up the weekly shop at 6.02pm.

Little boys room, quickly changed into the running kit, filled up one 500ml bottle of High5 4:1, a quick stretch...then off I went...

Back just over 2 hours later. Think I clocked 13.1 miles just a fraction over 2hrs, not at all bad considering I hadnt done half marathon distance since April and I'd only done 10 miles once since May. Ok, I was off my 1:56 PB but my average HR was lower and I was taking it relatively easy. A throughly enjoyable way of beating the Monday blues and I'm feeling damn good right now.

(Edit:  Strava confirmed the 13.1mile segment at 2:01:20)
If I'm totally honest, the legs dont feel as if they've done anything almost an hour later :)

Having checked back on my Garmin data, I've only ran further than 8 miles on 10 occasions this year and most of them were before the East London half in April.  Due to the knee injury I've been suffering with, I have only run further than 10k once in the last 3 months so to run a half off the cuff tonight was excellent.

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