Monday, 2 September 2013

Monday Training (Transfer Deadline Day slowish 10k)

After almost 5 hours in front of Hayley McQueen and Natalie Sawyer on Sky Sports News for Transfer Deadline Day, the legs needed a serious stretch. So went out for a fairly bog standard 10k tonight...

54:20 (8:45 min/mile pace), so reasonably slow and proved by the average HR of 161. Was pleased because it was my first 10k without stopping at least 2.5 months since my knee injury (any longer run has been out with the Plums and we tend to stop for others to catch up so its never quite the same!).

Am very pleased to report that I had zero discomfort in the knee. Couldnt even feel the niggle. Think thats the first time I can honestly say that in 2.5 months since the problem started.

Having done a Gym session yesterday, I felt a little drained on the run but felt ok by the time I'd got back. Its a strange sensation running with really heavy shoulders from the weights.