Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wednesday Training (Plumstead Runners session)

I'm really pleased that, at last, it appears the knee problem I've been suffering with has finally been banished. The Gym work on my quads has really paid off and after almost nearly 3 months, I'm clear of the niggle. I've now gone a week without feeling any niggle and I've had no reaction afterwards, so I'm delighted.

So as a result, I've begun to increase my training load again...

Sunday - Gym
Monday - 10k run
Tuesday - Gym with 5k run home
Wednesday - 5.5 mile trail run with the Plums.

As you can see, the Wednesday night run with the Plums was a real toughie with most of it off road over Lesness Abbey and Bostall Heath.  Having trained for four consecutive days for the first time in months, I was pretty flat energy-wise before I'd started, so I found this run very hard.  I resorted to walking up a couple of the steep hills over Lesness Abbey, so my pace should have been much quicker but generally, the average pace for the run was consistent what most of the trail runs with the Plums have been, so no complaints.

Thursday is definitely a rest day.  I feel totally exhausted now.