Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday Training (2 x 5km and TRX Session 4)

Monday was probably as bitchy as it gets for me.

I love and hate my job.  The good days are great and the bad days, well...the bad days are a bitch.  Simple as that. 

In the old days, I would have come home and gone straight out on the bike.  Not tonight.  Decided to fuel up on Fish & Chips (the fast food of champions...ahem) then hit the sofa for 30 minutes while trying to decide what to do.  I was intending on a Gym session yesterday afternoon but it never materialised so I thought I ought to hit the Gym tonight instead and what better way to warm up than run there and cool down afterwards by running back.  That would be another 10km in the legs and I'd be on target with my Gym work.  So off I went.

Then it was onto my 4th session of being beasted by the TRX...


Cruicifix (3x10)
Shoulder Press (3x10)
Press ups (5x10)
Bicep Curl (3x10)
Tricep Curl (3x10)


10 x (10 SB Sit-ups & 10 SB Sit-twists)

(and let me tell you...after the Fish & Chips, I felt every single sit up of the 200!)


Leg Press (6 x 6 x 110kg)
Leg Extension (6 x 6 x 55kg)

Then run back home at a slower pace for my cool down...

Not bad for a Monday night. Just about burnt the Fish & Chips off.

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