Monday, 21 October 2013

Monday Training (Brick Session - 10 mile turbo followed by 5km run)

If Sunday's exploits were not enough, I had a mad desire to do a brick session on Monday evening.

What's a brick session I hear you ask?  A brick session is where you practice two elements of a triathlon back to back, as if you were doing an actual tri.  Obviously, my two elements are cycling and running, so I put two sessions back to back.

A 10 mile turbo session followed by a 5km run.

Two targets of the turbo was to achieve an average speed in excess of 20mph and an average cadence on 90rpm...

Target achieved.  Average cadence of 95rpm and an average speed of 20.5mph but its clear to me that both my cadence and speed was all over the shop tonight which is a huge sign that I've hardly cycled in the last three months.

Transition from Bike to Run of 2:36 (which mainly consisted of changing shoes, unclipping the bike from the turbo and putting it indoors and locking the house up, setting the alarm)...then straight into the run... 

No target to achieve on the run.  Just to finish it in one piece being the objective...

Followed by a gentle slower cool down... 

So yes, I'm officially bonkers and as I type at 9:23pm, I'm pretty much shattered.
With my lack of mileage on the bike in the last three months, the turbo session was tougher than I imagined it would be although the legs didnt fill up with lactic although they felt shattered before I hit the road on the run.

The run was ok. The first mile up Welling Way was hard, the second mile and a half was quicker but as soon as I hit Welling Corner, I literally felt the legs drain and my pace dropped significantly. With practice and getting the legs turning over more often on the bike again, this wont be a problem and the brick sessions will become an important part of my training armoury. 

Great session.

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