Monday, 28 October 2013

The Storm of St Jude

Well, what a let down the big storm was!

Apart from my rubbish bins being blown down the shared driveway and my next door neighbours fence panel blowing over, it appeared that not much damage had been done.

Clare text me this picture of Izzy the Storm Assessor this morning, outside her Mum's house in Gravesend...

Because South Eastern had said trains were not likely to be running before 9am this morning, I made the decision to take the 89 bus to Lewisham and then do the rest of the commute on the DLR, getting off at Shadwell for the 10 minute walk into the office.

Getting the 89 to Lewisham was a breeze (see what I did there?!)  Shame about the DLR.  The usual confusion, the usual 500% increase is passenger numbers, the usual Bank service advertised on Platform 6 but pulling in on Platform 5 causing further chaos, cue the electricity being turned off just outside of Lewisham station and us not moving for almost 30 minutes.

2hrs later, I'd made it into the office.  Surprise surprise, it was empty.  I'm not saying any more.

Having looked on the web, it appears SE London and Kent got hit quite bad last night.  Loads of trees down, collapsed scaffolding in Welling High Street, a tree blocking the A2 between Dartford Heath and the Black Prince Interchange.

Same old same old for SE London really.

Here's hoping the weather quickly improves as I'd like to go out on an unassisted by wind run tonight if possible :)

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