Friday, 22 November 2013

A well earned rest day

After Wednesday's epic double training session, it was quite an easy decision to make Thursday a well earned rest day.

The plan was to head home from work, do a bit of house work, have some dinner then quickly head up to my parents to pick up a parcel that had turned up during the week.

It didnt quite turn out like that...

Reuben, my best mate at work, suggested a quick pint after work with Elke "The Boobs" Groom.  4 pints of Kronenbourg later, I find myself coming off the train at Welling heading straight for KFC for a 3 piece chicken classic then as soon as I demolished that, I jumped the 96 bus up to Bexleyheath to see the old dears.  Thankfully was stone cold sober by the time I got there.  Am not sure they would appreciate me turning up on the doorstep with a massive fit of the giggles like we had in the pub.

The usual conversation in the pub.  Work is sh*t...Reuben's wish to spend his first Christmas with his son Ben alone with his wife, rather than the evil M-I-L from hell being invited down from "up t'north"...JB is still single?  why? too picky? does he have a complex on how he/they look?...etc etc etc.  The group of 3 expanded to 6 not long after 5.30pm as Caz, Phil and Richard all popped in to Sam's too.  

It was a good catch up with my buddies Reubs and The Boobs.  The Boobs is off on holiday now for the next week and a bit so the office with be a lot quieter without her being around.  Monday may be an interesting time in the office as one of Elke's minions has been off on long term sick leave for the last 7-8 months and apparently she may be coming back next week.  Awkward.

Back in the Gym Friday evening.  Chandra is due to revise the programme again so I look forward to what he's got in store for me next up.

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