Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday Training (10 mile run)

Another stressful day in the office dealing with an absolute bellend of a Management Consultant who thinks he's God gift to TSB Project Management but has got no idea about Accountancy or Finance whatsoever meant I was as keen as mustard to get out tonight to destress.

As I've got Izzy this Friday evening, the plan for the week is run on Monday, Gym Tuesday, run with the Plums on Wednesday, back in the Gym on Thursday then run on Friday lunchtime around my usual Victoria Park loop.

Off the train just gone 5.20pm, a quick stop in Tesco's to pick up some odd bits then then the 7 min walk home.  Quickly into the lycra, filled up my drinks bottle and was back out the door within 15 minutes.

The plan was to run 10 miles tonight...

I'd spent lunchtime plotting the course out on map my run, just to ensure I finished the 10 miles back at home.  Within reason, I reckon I was about 50 yards within where I wanted to stop so all good.

It was a good run.  Average pace of 8:42 min/mile was way inside my 8:53 half marathon PB pace and felt good throughout.  I had been finding recently that the longer runs straight after work without eating are leaving me really tired as I dont tend to eat enough at lunchtime.  Again, I was in the same position.  I'd had my usual bowl of porridge this morning before leaving home then I had a "My Goodness" ready meal - Chicken & Prawn Paella which was only about 340 calories with hardly any carbs (but most importantly really low on saturated fats) so I knew I'd be running on empty towards the end of the 10 miles, so I thought I'd try the old tried and tested Jelly Babies.  I had 8 before I left, 2 after 5 miles, 2 after about 7 and then 2 or 3 in the final mile. For the first time, I'd eaten on a run.  Before today, I'd never even resorted to using an energy gel but I know when the marathon training starts, I'm going to have to start.

As I've documented before, eating before running especially leaves me prone to a very dodgy stomach, something which I dont like and just cannot recommend it.  I reacted well to the Jelly Babies so hopefully this is a way forward for me.

Looking at the splits, its clear that I went quicker after taking the fuel on board.

Something else to note tonight.  I was conscious of how my feet were striking the floor.  I'd never given it much thought before but an old school friend Ben had recommended going along to a POSE clinic.  Having done some googling since, POSE is about forefoot striking generally and it made me realise I'm predominantly a heel-to-toe striker.

So tonight, after the first mile, I tried my hardest to lean a little more forward than usual and concentrated my efforts on striking on the ball of my foot.  Generally it takes a little more effort and my cadence quickened as a result but I was able to concentrate on it for the remaining 9 miles and I felt really good.  Looking at the final time of 1:27:36, thats my second quickest 10 miler ever, so perhaps the forefoot striking really has made a difference to my speed.  I will need to experiment with this a little more.

I'm very happy with how the run went and I feel great now I'm home.  Here's looking forward to the Gym tomorrow :)

EDIT:  As I laid awake in bed last night listening to the baby crying in the flat below me, it dawned on me that I should have a look back to find out when my best 10 miler was.  I was assuming it was before the half marathon in April but it would be interesting to compare.

And so it was...

So it turns out I was only 4 seconds slower.  I'll take that.

More importantly, the average heart rate for last night's run is significantly lower.  This has to be taken with a pinch of salt as its certainly not a scientifically accurate as the comparison hasnt been done over an identical course, I havent logged what I ate on both days, previous mileage, tiredness etc etc but the lower heart rate tells me I havent had to work as hard as I'm getting fitter and stronger.

Based on the average moving pace of 8:44 min/mile, that translates to a 1:54:24 half marathon time, which would be a new PB by approximately 2 mins.  That translates to further progress.

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