Saturday, 23 November 2013

Saturday Training (Hill Reps - Watling St x 4)

Still feeling buoyed from Friday's Gym session, Saturday was here.  Most importantly, the main attraction for me was Izzy o'clock having not seen her for a day short of two weeks.   Had two other things to get done before my Princess arrived: get the hair chopped and get a run of some kind in.

The plan was to head to my parents, drop into Harry's Barbers on the way, then go for a quick run before lunch and before Izzy arrived.

The visit to Harry's was brief.  3 on top, 2 round the back and sides please chief.  Job done.  

Back to the parents.  A quick change into the running kit and then back out on the road.  The plan was to run a local loop, 4 times up Watling St.  Its not a significant steep hill but its a drag.

Here's the profile from Strava...

As you can see, its not a particularly big hill but its got a kick up in the middle and by the top, the legs are really feeling it...

Here's the Garmin report...

It was a good run and I was really feeling the hill on the third and fourth reps. The pace wasnt particularly quick but it was around my half marathon pace (and just a little quicker than the 9 min/mile pace I'll be looking to match for a sub 4:00 marathon).

I dump the Garmin data on to Strava when cycling but its ideal for when running specific segments on the road as you get to see the individual times for each repetition.

As you can see, the rep times were pretty consistent so am well pleased with my efforts.  The HR looks higher on the first two reps and then drops but I dont really see that as an issue as I was still working in the same HR zone for the duration.

Again, more progress.  Its great to see I'm still finding gains in performance.

Roll on the arrival of Princess Izzy.  Looking forward to spending some time with her and once she's tucked up in bed tonight, its all about Froch v Groves.  Hopefully Groves will teach the arrogant Froch a lesson in the ring.

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