Friday, 29 November 2013

Thursday Training (Muscle Build - Phase 2: TRX 2)

Home from work, watch Spurs not exactly cruise to a 2-0 win away to Tromso is chilly Norway, then it was off to the Gym for my final training session of the month.  I've got Izzy on Friday evening and Saturday, so next day of training will be Sunday, which just happens to be December!  Not long until Christmas and two weeks away from the office...

Warm Up 

Home > Gym run with rucksack (2.0 miles; 17:47; 8:53 min/mile; Av HR 143bpm)

1km Treadmill (4:53; 7:54 min/mile; 148bpm)


Crucifix (3sets x 10reps) 
Shoulder Press (3sets x 10reps) 
One Armed Press Ups (5sets x 10reps) 
Bicep Curl (3sets x 10reps) 
Tricep Curl (3sets x 10reps)

10 sets (10 SB one-footed sit ups + 10 SB Sit Twists)


Leg extension: 6 x 30/40/50/60kg
Leg press: 6 x 90/100/110/120/130/140/150/160kg

Yes, I did just type 160kg.  Almost twice my own body weight.  Bearing in mind before tonight, I'd only ever lifted 110kg before, thats a significant difference.

160kg Leg Press.  Ta da... very very almost twice my body weight

I may have took more out of me than I realised.  Went to bed just before midnight.  I came around, peeked from under the duvet and saw it was still pretty dark outside, so went back to go back to sleep but something made me look at my watch.  7.30am!  I'd slept through the alarm by 45 mins and was normally at the station by then.

Straight in the shower, missed breakfast, quick march to the station, jumped on the first train that came along (ended up having to change at Lewisham to get the DLR to Shadwell as I'd missed the Cannon St train by a couple of minutes), picked up a bacon roll in the cafe and was sitting at my desk by 9.15am.  Not that late, honest guv!

So thats November pretty much done and dusted.  A nice Friday evening and all day Saturday with Izzy awaits my return tonight.

Physically and mentally, I'm feeling in top form at the moment (although the quads are a little sore after this weeks mileage and last night's leg presses!)

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