Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tuesday Training (Muscle Build - Weights Phase 2: Session 1)

Tonight was my first proper weights session for 2 months since taking on the TRX, following up from Chandra's assessment on Friday night.

Warm Up

1km treadmill (4:50; 7:48 min/mile; Av HR 141bpm)


6 reps of each exercise at each weight...

Chest Press: 6 reps of 20/40/60/70kg
Shoulder Press: 6 reps of 20/30/40/50kg
Pecs: 6 reps of 20/30/40/50kg
Low Row: 6 reps of 25/50/60/70kg


3 sets of 10 crucifix


10 sets of 10 SB Sit ups (one foot off ground); 10 SB Sit twists (feet together with 6kg bar)


Leg extension: 6 reps of 30/40/50/60kg
Leg press: 6 reps of 90/100/110/120/130kg

Cool down

2km treadmill (11:04; 8:57 min/mile; Av HR 141bpm)

Another good session in the Gym.  Minimum cardio tonight, just sufficient enough to warm up and cool down as I'm trying to keep a lid on my mileage this week by training 5 days in a row again.  It was good to actually spend an hour working out as by training with the TRX, I seem to get the circuit done in 40-45 mins at a push.

The legs feel reasonably good as a result tonight, despite the heavy weights.  Really happy with my progress.  I did attempt to lift 80kg on the chest press but it was a step too far.  I managed to move it but not push it right out.  Chandra said it would come in time.  I'll keep trying.

Now looking forward to running with the Plums tomorrow night.  Hopefully not too far tomorrow but hey, if it is, I wont be phased by it. 

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