Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday Training (8 miles and a bit with the Plums followed by Gym - TRX Session 10)

When I woke up this morning, my legs felt like lead.  So heavy but it was to be expected after last night's brick session.

The main question was whether to run tonight or not.  As I walked out the office back to Whitechapel Station, I decided that I was going to run.

On the way home, my phone bleeped.  I'd been tagged into a photo on Facebook...

It was the Gym Challenge board.  One of Chandra's other friends had posted the picture up of the latest Gym Challenge.  Static lateral raise with 7kg dumbbells.  I was bottom by a significant amount.  Out of shame, I quickly decided to get another Gym session in tonight, straight after running with the Plums.

So instead of heading straight to Bexleyheath Sports Club, I got the bus straight to the Gym, dumped my bag in a locker and then ran half a mile to meet up with the Plums.

So much for a short easy run tonight...Lodge Hill and Plum Lane.  Yes, Plum Lane, the steepest side of Shooters Hill.  Jeez, talk about a lung burster...

8 miles with the Plums up two beasts of a hill and I was pretty much spent. Had my kit been at the Sports club, I can honestly say I would have headed straight home but as my kit was at the Gym, I forced myself to do a workout. Took it relatively easy though. A gentle warm up, a normal TRX session and no work on the abs. I'll do that on my rest day tomorrow.

Warm Up

2000m on the Indoor Rower - 9:28 (Av HR 127, Max HR 150)

After the row, Chandra followed me upstairs and before the TRX, I had another go at the challenge.  God it bloody hurt but much more respectable now, as you can see from the updated board below...

I held the lateral raise for a fraction over 1 minute.  That will do me nicely.  I can retire now lol.  That bloody hurt but it was worth it.  3 months ago, there would have been absolutely no chance of me doing that.

Then it was on to the TRX...


Crucifix (3sets x 10reps)
Shoulder Press (3sets x 10reps)
One Armed Press Ups (5sets x 10reps)
Bicep Curl (3sets x 10reps)
Tricep Curl (3sets x 10reps)

After the challenge, I had pretty much nothing left in my shoulders so the crucifix and the shoulder press really did hurt for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I dread to think how they will feel in the morning.  I've done some stretching now but I may take a couple of Ibuprofen tablets before bedtime to be on the safe side.

Finally crawled in the door at 10pm and I could not wait for my dinner.  I was starving.

Rest day tomorrow, Gym session Friday morning (have got a Flexi day booked from work on Friday as the ex-wife and I are off to see Izzy's new teacher for our rearranged parents meeting) then I'll be resting up before the next round of the KFL Cross Country on Sunday.

After a really productive day at work, a great night's workout and as I sit here at 11.15pm, I'm totally exhausted but it was well worth it.

Am really looking forward to getting home tomorrow, putting the feet up and watching the almighty Spurs.  Lets hope we finally get to see a goal rush, it has been long overdue.

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