Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wednesday Training (Plumstead Runners session)

The legs have felt sore today.  For the first time, I actually considered missing the run with the Plums tonight but I'm glad I did go out.

We done the reverse route of the club 10k handicap tonight.  Out past Danson Park, left at the Blendon roundabout to Bexley Village, past Hall Place to Watling Street then back through Bexleyheath to the club.

I have to say, I'm feeling pretty drained tonight. Not surprising really after a proper full on week, training-wise. I've now done 4 days in a row. I intend to hit the Gym tomorrow night, making sure to do the absolute minimum cardio and concentrer ate on the TRX and the abs before running again Friday lunchtime. Important as it appears a social meetup with the lads is happening in the City on Friday evening.

Was a good run tonight, mind you. We had a few new ladies join us. Had a lovely long chat with Sharon, who ran really well. Sadly it appears she lost her car keys at some point around the run and had to get her husband to come and rescue her. (Yes, husband we ever have single ladies join the club????? ;) Anyhow, Sharon ran brilliantly and if she signs up, she'd be a welcome addition to the club. She was comfortably holding 8:00 min/mile pace down the Broadway towards the club and she didnt even look like she was struggling.

Then it was back to Bexleyheath Sports for the monthly meeting.

Now I really dont know what it is about the meeting but it does descend into chaos. Fair play to Graham for keeping some kind of order but it gets to the point where a number of individuals really do need their heads banging together. Normally wouldnt be a problem, I'm a fairly laid back kind of person but when it means I've come to the club straight from work and I havent eaten beforehand, when the meetings drag on, I'm not eating until gone 10pm at night and does me absolutely no favours at all.

Anyhow, was a productive meeting tonight, all being positive. My dear MJ proposed a beginners course starting in the New Year with the intention of running it 2/3 times a year aimed at new potential runners and its exactly what the club needs in my opinion. I'd be more than willing to sit the Leadership in Running course too if it would offer additional help.

Oh and special mention for MJ the "agony aunt" lol.  Wont go into details on here but some very useful advice from the nicest Saffa lass I've ever met :)

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