Monday, 16 December 2013

AVB gone

Going back to the end of November, I wrote about the weekend of sporting disaster, when Spurs were hammered 6-0 at Man City, see here for a refresher.

Spurs were hammered 5-0 at WHL by Liverpool yesterday.  That was the straw that finally broke the Camel's back.  THFC announced AVB was gone by mutual consent just after 11am this morning.

It wasnt a surprise.  I dont think any manager could survive two hammerings in quick succession like that.  As I predicted, another mauling at home and the deed would be done.

Part of me feels sorry for AVB.  He lost his best player in Bale, that would effect any team.  He's had to deal with a fairly serious injury list in the last 18 months since he took over (see Kaboul, see Sandro, see more recently Rose, Lennon, Kaboul again, Vertonghen, Chiriches etc).

The other part of me wants to slap him around the chops with a wet kipper.  The way he handled BAE and Adebayor has been laughable.  His persistence to play with a lone centre-forward when we've been struggling for goals defies belief.  His persistence to play with inverted wingers and not providing any service to our centre-forwards.

Should he have bene given more time?  A 5-0 hammering in your own back yard says no.

So what next for Levy and Spurs?

My initial reaction when the news was announced this morning would be that Technical Director and former Spurs midfielder Tim Sherwood would take the reigns temporarily until the club find a permanent successor.

Around 12:30pm today, ITK appeared from Ali Z, one of the more respected ITKers on COYS, who has confirmed links to the board...

After an afternoon of speculation, Spurs confirmed that Sherwood, Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsay would be taking temporary charge of the team until a replacement has been identified.  No time scales have been given but with the World Cup only six months away, maybe a short-term option is best given who could be potentially available after the World Cup.  Names that come to mind include Capello, currently in charge of Russia and Tottenham's favourite German son, Jurgen Klinsmann, the USA manager.

The Spurs forums have been going ballistic today and understandibly so.  Various names have been banded about.  Hoddle.  Jol.  Both are available.  Capello was seen at WHL with Baldini on Sunday.  Gianfranco Zola resigned as Watford manager today.  Steve Clarke, one of Hoddle's friends is available after being sacked by WBA.  Could Hoddle and Clarke be the new Spurs dream team?

Of course, the pundits have been giving Spurs a good kick in too.

Jamie Redknapp is a very bitter man.  He was quickly attacking Levy and the way Levy runs the club.  Alan Sugar called it amateur.  (Yes, says the man who employed Christian that was amateur!)

So here we go again.  A period of transition.  Again.  Ha, Spurs have had more transition periods than I've had hot dinners.  As my favourite Spurs blogger describes it...

"Never a boring second with Spurs. It's like having fantastic sex with your partner but every so often she pulls out a whip and destroys you."

Spurs go straight back into battle at WHL on Wednesday night against our East London neighbours West Ham in the League Cup Quarter Final.  Even at this stage of the season, one could consider this a must win game as its realistically our only chance of silverware this season, bearind in mind we are drawn against the arch enemy, the Woolwich Nomads in the 3rd round of the FA Cup in January.

After the shock 0-3 defeat to the claret & blue jellied eel munching wet spammers in October, we certainly owe them big time.

Thanks for some good memories Andre.  I'll never forget when we finally won at Old Trafford for what seemed like a lifetime or the 3-2 win against West Ham with you celebrating with Bale on the touchline after his stunning injury time winner.  I so wish it could have worked out.  I genuinely wanted it to.  You're a top bloke, a gentlemen in fact but sadly you werent the manager we needed.  I wish you all the best for the future. 

AVB in happier times at Spurs

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