Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday Training (10k run) and finally 1,000 miles not out...

After Friday lunchtime's 10k, I had Saturday and Sunday off as I had Izzy staying with me at the weekend.

Monday was my first chance to get back out on the road.  Having checked the stats, I was 997.2 miles for the year so the next decent length run was going to take me past the magic 1,000 mile barrier in a year for the first time.

I got totally drenched on the walk back from Welling station so it made sense to go pretty much straight out and get it over and done with.

Most of the roads were almost flooded. The trainers were ringing wet by the time I'd got back. Nothing exceptional in terms of time but it would good to get out again and finally smash the 1,000 mile target.

I really need to start learning to pace my runs properly. Start slowly, build up to normal pace in the middle and then blast the final 1-2 miles or so. In this example, I ran the last 2 miles quite quickly but there was a couple of lazy miles in the middle. I really need to start being more specific on my aims of what I'm trying to achieve.

Anyhow, onwards and upwards.  Here's the proof of the 1,000 mile target being broken :)

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  1. Nice one! Well done on breaking the 1000 barrier!!