Monday, 30 December 2013

Monday Training (7 mile trail run at Oxleas Woods)

Sadly, by the time I woke up Sunday morning, I was suffering from a cold so I decided to give the KFL Cross Country race at Avery Hill Park a miss as I didnt want to stress my body too much and risk losing training time during the up coming week.

Instead I had a day of rest and spent most of the afternoon mainly watching football and dozing on the sofa.

I didnt sleep that well on Saturday or Sunday evening so by the time I woke up Monday morning I was feeling very tired indeed.  I had to pop in to see my parents in the morning but was back home by 3pm.

I felt better so I made the decision to do a gentle trail run over Oxleas Woods.  The weather had certainly brightened up after this morning's downpours...

Although the skies had brightened up, the ground was totally waterlogged and was the muddiest I've ever known the woods.  Here's the garmin dump...

Slow pace, low HR. Just about spot on for a leisurely run (well, more like jog/walk as you couldnt run in places...and you almost had no choice but to walk in other places).  Despite the slow pace, it was one of the more enjoyable runs I've had.  I cant begin to tell you how wet and muddy my feet were...

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