Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday Training (8 mile run - aborted at 7!)

I was up early doors on Saturday. I had to pop into Bexleyheath before Izzy arrived at my parents, so the plan was to get up early and get out running before breakfast.

Thankfully, the chest infection had cleared pretty quickly without antibiotics. The tactic of getting on the paracetomols and Olbas Pastilles early in the week had done the job.

The run went ok. Nothing out of the ordinary. Average page of 8:52 min/mile majorly affected by getting cramp from around 6.5 miles and making it almost unbearable to run by 6.8. I aborted the run at 7 miles, had a long stretch out and then walked back up Watling Street to home. 7 miles was more than sufficient for the purpose of getting out again.

Once the chest is completely clear, I'll be upping the mileage again.

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