Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Training (Pre-breakfast 8 mile run)

After two days off, it was back in training mode this morning.  Alarm set for 7.30am, out the door just before 8.  Plan was do to about 8-10 miles but didnt have a firm route.

It was always intended to be a slower run today but after my calf started nagging just past Crook Log Sports Centre on Brampton Road just beyond halfway, I decided to take the quickest route back. I made it back but the calf tightened up for the first time in ages and I'm just glad I got home without any major damage.

I can feel the beginnings of man flu coming as well, sadly. Not a surprise really, with the amount of time I've been spending outside recently, especially with not showering at the Gym and taking the lazy option of changing into a tracksuit before jumping on the bus home.

It was a good session but I know I can run much faster. Not a problem having the odd off day. I'm now dosed up on Nurofen Cold & Flu tablets with a hope to get this cold shifted ASAP.

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