Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Semi Quavers rock Trafalgar Square

Wow, just how good were the Semi Quavers, eh?

Izzy's choir were selected to sing at Trafalgar Square today. As Izzy was staying with me that weekend, I took her on the train to London and we met her Mum and Grandparents to watch the choir sing their hearts out for an hour.

Unfortunately, as the choir started their third song, a couple of Santa's waltzed into Trafalgar Square, equiped with a full PA system and started pumping out Michael Jackson about 150 yards away but it was so loud it seriously drowned out the Semi Quavers.

Without a second of hesitation I was almost running over to them and I accosted the pair of them straight away, telling them to cut the volume, show the little ones some bloody respect and to shove their PA system right up their ...

With some protest, I delayed them enough before the wardens turned up and moved them on.  Job done.

The choir sang beautifully all afternoon and I must admit I got a little choked up while I was watching them from the top of the steps outside the National Gallery.

Fabulous afternoon.

(In the video, Izzy's on the far right, with black hooded jacket, woolie hat and boots).

Izzy at Trafalgar Square

The Semi Quavers in front of the Christmas Tree

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