Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tuesday Training (Slow man-fluey 7.5 mile run)

As yet no head cold whatsoever.  The Olbas Pastilles have done a fab job of keeping my head clear and a couple of extra strength strepsils have numbed the throat.  Yesterday I felt fluey and my legs felt very heavy all day but they felt a little better today.

Probably shouldnt have run tonight but I thought what the hell.

The aim was to run at a pace of what felt right to keep my HR around 150bpm thereabouts.  Shallow breathing was the choice of the day to attempt to stop the cold air being pulled deep down into my lungs.

Job done. Average HR of 149bpm for the 7.5 miles so was pretty much spot on. Wasnt quick by any stretch of the imagination but by running slowly and not needing huge gulps of air, I've kept the cold air off my chest. My throat and just below has felt quite raw for the last three days so I need to be very careful. A couple of doses of Ventolin when I walked in and straight into the bath and feel reasonably ok.

Legs are feeling very heavy though. I guess thats to be expected.

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