Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Wednesday Training (The Christmas Day run)

After Sunday's disaster run, I put my feet up on Monday and Tuesday.  I had my arm forced as I had Isabelle staying with me but it done me the world of good.  I felt quite drained on Monday, so much so I felt disorientated early in the morning and just didnt feel myself.  I wondered if I was coming down with a bug.

Anyhow, Christmas Day.  First Christmas ever that I didnt see Isabelle first thing on Christmas morning.  Clare brought her up to me around 4.30pm so we did spend some time together.

The plan was to run Christmas morning and that was what I done.  Just a relatively easy 7 miler from my parents and back again.

A huge improvement on Sunday's effort, a huge boost to my confidence as Sunday's disaster really did rock my confidence.

Great run.  Lovely day.  Not much more to say other than that :)

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