Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wednesday Training (Pah Training?!?! Plumstead Runners 2013 Santa Run!)

Holy mother of God.  Wednesday nights is Plumstead Runners night and this wednesday in particular was a highlight of the year.  The annual Santa Run around Bexleyheath and Bexley Village...

Now the Plumstead Runners is a running club right?

Ha, this is where the Plums come into their own...they are most definitely a running club with a drinking problem!  They seriously know how to let their hair down.

I love them to bits, what a great bunch of people.

Last night, I dont think I've ever seen so many people in the changing rooms.  The regular guys I've seen week in week out were there and a load of others who make an appearance just at the Santa run for various reasons, the main one that alcohol is involved.

A can on Stella to start.  A mince pie.   50 odd Santas running towards Bexleyheath along the Broadway, every single car beeping, tooting in support.  Those walking past were literally rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

Pint of Stella in the Rose.  Guess we were in there about 20 mins in the end.  Then a few hundred yards up the road into the Broadway shopping centre, with a photocall outside on the steps opposite Central Library.

Into the centre, round the centre bit with Costa Coffee and out at the other end, into Sainsbury's.  Every seen 50 Santa's doing the conga through Sainsbury's before?  Ha, last night was the night.  Brilliant.  The shoppers must have thought their were tripping out of their boxes.

Down Gravel Hill into Bexley Village to the Black Horse.  Another pint.  Inbetween their and the next pub, we had an impromptu carol concert in the middle of one of the neigbouring dead end roads and the residents were coming out stuffing loose change (and notes) into the charity buckets.

By this point, the rain as hammering down.  Absolutely torrential.  Not one of us were bothered.  Across the wobbly footbridge over the A2 and 50 Santa's jumping up and down on it to make it bounce probably wasnt a sensible thing to do lol.

More Stella at the Robin Hood and Little John and for the first time in my life, I can actually say I've had a pint in the Polly Clean Stairs (aka The Royal Oak).

Back to the club house for more Stella and Pizza.  Dont think I've laughed as much as I did for a long time when we were doing the conga through Sainsbury's.  That was absolutely brilliant.

Merry Christmas Plums, love you guys lots :)

The Plums with a surprised little girl out with her Mum doing some shopping

Santas shop at Sainsburys, Santas shop at Sainsburys la la la la...

Santas before the rain came...


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