Friday, 31 January 2014

Final January Update (still man-flu ridden but double chest/abs session)

I'm still man flu ridden.  I cant breathe, I cant walk very far and I'm sounding like an old man with COPD.  However, because I'm so bloody bored sitting at home doing nothing, I've forced myself to do two of my chest/abs routines today to at least burn some calories.  A litle burnt off is better than none at all in my eyes.

So, at the January, the stats for the month look like this...

...pretty impressive when you think back that I lost the first week of January to man flu and I've lost most of this week to it too.

Now, I've done 22 sessions of either Gym or my home routine, with a minimum 400 sits up session.  So a quick calculation, 22 x 400 = 8,800 sit ups.  What with my efforts to eliminate as much saturated fat out of my diet as possible, this is what I'm looking like now...

Apologies for becoming one of them tossers who takes photographs of themselves semi-starkers but if you look closely, some abs are forming.  Obviously I cant pull my shorts down any further otherwise I'd be in danger of making the lady readers blush but there's the hard evidence that my body is beginning to look like it should now.

From 18st and not being able to run more than 100 yards without stopping for a break, to attempting to run a marathon and having these things called abs.  Who would have bloody thought it, eh?  So bloody proud :) 

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