Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday Training (Chest/Abs & 10k run)

Monday was a half-day in the office for me.  Vic my decorator was beginning to finish my hallway, stairs and landing today, so I wanted to be there to check a few things with him.  As it goes, the work was a little bit more involved than we realised, so he's finishing up tomorrow now.  Not a disaster but it'll look fabulous once its finished.

What with being in at home, I made the most of it.

I spent 30 mins piling up the rubbish outside and in the garden into the garage, ready for a skip to be filled in the next few weeks.  Hopefully my brother will be able to give me a hand in due course.

While I was waiting for Vic to finish up, I got the chest/abs routine out of the way...
  • 10 x 20 SB ball sit ups + 20 SB sit twists.
  • 10 x 10 chest press with 9kg dumbbells plus 10 chest fly.

Once Vic had disappeared, I got my next run in the bag, another 10k, first back-to-back 10k's I'd done this year...

A good run but fairly slow by my usual standards. Average HR was a little higher than usual probably because I'd eaten only an hour beforehand. I did make a conscious effort not to go out with my ear buds in tonight so I could listen to my breathing and concentrate on keeping a steady rhythmn and I think I done that for the most part but my mind was wandering here, there and everywhere tonight so probably could have gone quicker although the legs were telling me otherwise.

I met Rich in the pub at 9pm tonight for a catch up.  We were discussing the benefits of keeping the food diary but he made me very aware I need to keep my calories up otherwise I'm going to start bonking.  Its good to be trying to lose the body fat but I need to eat, plain and simple.

When I say that, check out my food diary for today...


Calories consumed 1,834.  Calories burned 1,245.  So net calories = 589.  When you consider my target net is calculated at 1,760 to lose 1 lb per week for a month to get me to 12st 12lb again, I will be losing weight more quickly than I really wanted to, not that its a bad thing but I'll be risking my health and possible injury if I eat like that when training for Paris over the next 3 months.

So when I got home, I treated myself to 2 scrambled egg on toast.  I'm going to try and eat again after every training session now just to keep the calories up.

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