Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Training (early 10k run and Chest/Abs)

The plan was to hit the road again today, after the 5k on the treadmill yesterday.

My legs still felt rather heavy this morning, making me realise that the virus I had probably took a lot more out of me than I initially realised.  However, I still forced myself out.  I stretched well beforehand and felt confident but the first two or so miles, I was having a running battle in my head about whether I was fit or enough to run or not.

Fairly slow by my recent standards but not overly bothered. It was all about getting out there and just getting some miles in the legs after a 10 day break from road running. If I'm totally honest, I dont think I have much left to go quicker anyway. I was just delighted to be out again. 

Legs felt heavy throughout and very heavy in the last couple of miles coming up from Danson Park through Welling High St/Bellegrove Rd. As I type at 7.30pm tonight, my legs still feel heavy, not something I can usually say after a 10k. Definite after effects of the virus. Here's hoping they feel a little better tomorrow morning.

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