Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Training (Muscle Build - Session 25)

Warm Up 
1km treadmill > here


Crucifix (3sets x 10reps)
Shoulder Press (3sets x 10reps)
One Armed Press Ups (5sets x 10reps)
Bicep Curl (3sets x 10reps)
Tricep Curl (3sets x 10reps)


10 sets (20 SB sit ups + 20 SB sit twists)

No leg weights

Cool Down

2.5km treadmill > here

1st gym session of the year after getting over the worst of the heavy cold/man flu.  I felt reasonably good although the legs felt a little heavy after the final 2.5km run.

One thing I will be trying to work on is doubling up on the abs work, especially with the TRX sessions as otherwise, it feels far too quick.

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