Friday, 10 January 2014

Thursday & Friday update (Still fluey and Chest/Abs x 2 and Defoe!)

Still nowhere near 100%.

Still a little snotty and still wheezing, meaning I still daren't run outside.  One ventolin pump caned in the space of a week, 5 days into 7 days worth on antibiotics.  Not good.

Work has been rubbish.  Getting home late and dealing with my decorator hasnt been good for any kind of early eating and subsequent hitting the Gym thus I've only been able to concentrate on my home chest/abs routine.

So on both Thursday & Friday...

10 sets of 20 swiss ball sit ups plus 20 swiss ball sit twists.
10 sets of 10 chest press with 9kg dumbells plus 10 chest fly.
Not much more to add than that.
Had a lovely chat with Izzy on Facetime tonight.  She hates the beard.  Its coming off shortly as its beginning to annoy me.

It was confirmed today that Jermaine Defoe has agreed to join Toronto in the MLS.  Good luck JD and thanks for the memories.  No doubt we'll see you back at WHL as a fan in the years to come.

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