Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tuesday - Thursday Update (Chest infection...again!!!)

I have not run since Monday evening.  I feel destroyed again.

I cant stop coughing and I'm wheezing like nobodies business.  I went back to the GP yesterday and he diagnosed a reoccurence of a chest infection, although he said I wasnt wheezing and I knew I was (grrr!), so he's prescribed another 7 day dose of antibiotics.

I dont feel totally drained of energy but my lungs feel sore from the coughing, so have been in no fit state to go to work, let alone go running.

I have forced myself through the pain barrier to do my home chest/abs routine for the last three days despite feeling like sh*t as I really want to see some further progress this year and as most of you lot out there have realised by now, I'm not a good patient and I dont do rest!

By looking back at the calendar, I've now done 20 sessions involving my abs with a minimum 400 sits ups a session.  So by my reckoning, I've done 8,000 sit ups now this month alone!

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