Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday Training (Plumstead Runners session - led by me! eeek!)

Wednesday Night training was interesting.

First Plumstead Runners session of the year for me as I'd missed last week's as I was still getting over the horrid man flu.

As it turns out, a Wedneday afternoon comment on the Plums Facebook page turned into me plotting out a 8.5 mile route and I ended up leading everyone around it.  Got some pretty good feedback afterwards and everyone seemed to enjoy the route.  Shame my legs didnt...

God, what on earth is going on with my legs? 

Ok, they felt heavy after the double 10k this week but usually a days rest is more than sufficient to kick some life back into them but not this time. The man flu seems to have sucked every last bit out of my legs. The energy levels felt reasonably good to be honest, mainly down to the two pots of porridge at 3pm but the legs felt awful. Awful just like the time I ran the East London Half Marathon last year when I felt them cramp up even before I'd completed the first two miles. 

So much for looping around and picking up the runner at the back. I left that to those that did have the legs. I kept stopping and stretching my quads out at every opportunity.

As a result, no more running for me now until the Dartford 10 on Sunday morning in a hope to get the legs back to normal.

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